Card Repair Services

UTEL are in a unique position to repair legacy Telecoms network equipment that is still in the network providing service.

With our telecoms experience we can advise on repair processes and volume costs per item.

Depending on the repair numbers and life expectancy it can pay in to redesign a new board using modern readily avaiable components that simply fits into the existing chasis as a straight replacement.

UTEL will look at what spares can be reused from the broken units, what components are still available, and then offer a "repair old" or supply new option and cost.

In some cases it has also been possible to set up full test facilties to improve turn round times for urgent parts.

Alarm Card


Alarm card repair before

After repair and re build

Alarm card repair after

Power Supply

Before repair

Power supply repair before

After repair and re build

Power supply repair after


Our prices are very competitive in the Industrial repair sector. Please contact us for any enquiries.