UTEL's smallest Intelligent Switch Matrix Controller (ISMC). Ideal for medium density sites with the 1 individual switch bus capable of controlling 7000 line test circuits. A single ISMC is required per building to control all TASM equipment. The ISMC32ES has 2 seperate four wire test buses, this allows it to switch 2 circuits simultaneous to two seperate Test Heads. The four wires split the circuit allowing true 2 wire look in and look out.

Supplied in a chassis suitable for rack mounting in a 19" or ETSI standard frame this unit is normally installed at the top of the first rack. It is supplied with cables and all connectors ready for installation.

Powered by -48V from the local exchange Bus. Configuration software for a laptop is provided free of charge and makes installation very straight forward. Remote firmware updates are also possible.

All cables are standard CAT5 and are supplied with the product. Colour coding ensures the correct wiring is installed. Wiring follows standard diasy chaining and naturally flows down the cabinet to the test access switches.


Overview Diagram

Full Brochures

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Download PDF  ISMC32ES-EU
Download PDF  Copper Products Brochure

Individual Products

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Download PDF  128 Block TAM
Download PDF  CTC218
Download PDF  CTC218M
Download PDF  ISMC101ES-EU
Download PDF  ISMC128 ES-EU
Download PDF  ISMC32ES-EU
Download PDF  Modular In-Line Test Access
Download PDF  SM-100LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-128LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-64LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-A-FD
Download PDF  SM-A-HD/UD
Download PDF  SM-A-XD
Download PDF  SM-E-120/240
Download PDF  SM-E-480
Download PDF  SM-E-960
Download PDF  SM-EC-64
Download PDF  SM-H-S
Download PDF  SM-H-SL-64
Download PDF  SM-H-X
Download PDF  SM-H-X64
Download PDF  SM-HC-64
Download PDF  SM-L-FS/LS
Download PDF  SM-UT-STAR
Download PDF  TASM 100ES LLU
Download PDF  TASM 100ES MK2A LLU
Download PDF  TASM 400ES LLU
Download PDF  U-Test Functionality Comparison
Download PDF  U-Test Functionality Comparison - Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test100
Download PDF  U-Test218
Download PDF  U-Test218 Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test318
Download PDF  U-Test318 Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test318X
Download PDF  U-Test318X Page 2

Key Features

  • Linux platform
  • Four Wire Test
  • Status LED / LAN LED
  • Alarm Options
  • EMC, ESD, RoHS, CE compliant

Key Benefits

  • Future Proof platform
  • Remote Firmware upgrades
  • RS232 for local configuration & Commissioning
  • Upgradable without Customer service outage
  • Testbus Patch Panel


Product Data

  • Width, Height, Depth, Weight
  • Built on a powerful Linux platform
  • Four Wire Test Bus
  • MMI Port - RS232 Port used commissioning
  • LAN Port - Standard 10 Base T LAN port
  • Status LED's. Lan activity and error status
  • Alarm Connector - Screw terminal connector for exchange alarms.
  • TestBus Patch Panel - RJ45 to 8 screw terminal connector
  • -48V Power