The U-Test218 family of xDSL copper testheads has been specifically designed to provide truly world class performance in Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) applications. Our testhead provides the usual line fault detection and location, TDR, FDR and prequalification capabilities as one would expect from any world class testhead. The U-Test218 is also available with an integrated modular TASM to provide Test Access.

What distinguishes the U-Test218 from our competitors products is its ability to provide critical xDSL specific measurements which are far beyond the current industry standard capabilities. This family of testheads has been specifically designed for today's xDSL service delivery problem set.

The U-Test218 family is also available with an advanced "Golden Modem". This can connect and Sync with the DSLAM to prove the port is working correctly.

Overview Diagram

Full Brochures

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Download PDF  U-Test218
Download PDF  Copper Products Brochure

Individual Products

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Download PDF  128 Block TAM
Download PDF  CTC218
Download PDF  CTC218M
Download PDF  ISMC101ES-EU
Download PDF  ISMC128 ES-EU
Download PDF  ISMC32ES-EU
Download PDF  Modular In-Line Test Access
Download PDF  SM-100LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-128LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-64LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-A-FD
Download PDF  SM-A-HD/UD
Download PDF  SM-A-XD
Download PDF  SM-E-120/240
Download PDF  SM-E-480
Download PDF  SM-E-960
Download PDF  SM-EC-64
Download PDF  SM-H-S
Download PDF  SM-H-SL-64
Download PDF  SM-H-X
Download PDF  SM-H-X64
Download PDF  SM-HC-64
Download PDF  SM-L-FS/LS
Download PDF  SM-UT-STAR
Download PDF  TASM 100ES LLU
Download PDF  TASM 100ES MK2A LLU
Download PDF  TASM 400ES LLU
Download PDF  U-Test Functionality Comparison
Download PDF  U-Test Functionality Comparison - Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test100
Download PDF  U-Test218
Download PDF  U-Test218 Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test318
Download PDF  U-Test318 Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test318X
Download PDF  U-Test318X Page 2

Key Features

  • Full range of copper line tests
  • Compact rack mount unit
  • Line pre-qualification
  • Compatible with all leading TAM & TASM suppliers
  • EMC, ESD, RoHS, CE compliant

Key Benefits

  • Remote testing and diagnostics
  • Future Proof platform
  • Real time access and testing
  • Easy integration into existing OSS
  • TDR & line characteristics


Product Data

  • Height: 25mm Width: 425mm Depth: 150mm Weight:1.86kg
  • DC Voltage Tests, AC voltage tests, Resistance Tests, Capacitance Tests
  • Noise tests, TDR, Tones, longitudinal balance
  • Built on a poweful Linux platform
  • TL1, XML and webservices
  • Automatic discovery
  • Published API's for connection
  • Termination test and identification
  • Fully compliant with EMC, ESD, CE and RoHS standard