Fibre and Copper Test Access Solutions

UTEL is a Research and Development centre with highly qualified engineers experienced in physics, mechanics, electronics, software development and project management. We provide Copper and Fibre Testing and Test Access solutions. We can develop and market advanced innovative products and solutions very quickly for your problem set.

Fibre Test Access

UTEL can supply a Fibre OTDR, Fibre Optical Switch, OLT & ONT devices and Splitters.

Copper Test Access

UTEL can supply Test Access Switch Matrix and Test Heads to fit into any network configuration.

Other Services

We can offer a number of additional services, these include:

Alarm Monitoring

Our UTEL systems can provide integration of all existing alarm Collection Systems on a site and provide a single high integrity Control with Secure Comms.

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Turnkey Planning

UTEL can supply a full end to end service for your retrofit, installation or upgrade project. Using our experienced staff, fleet of vans and large warehouses we are able to plan all the logistics, deliveries and installation teams, yet still work within your existing processes and policies.

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Card Repair Services

UTEL are in a unique position to repair legacy Telecoms network equipment that is still in the network providing service. With our telecoms experience we can advise on repair processes and volume costs per item.

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Fibre Optical Distribution Frame

We are currently developing a robotic distribution frame optimised for optic fibre networks.

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