Turnkey Planning Solutions

UTEL can supply a full end to end service for your retrofit, installation or upgrade project. Using our experienced staff, fleet of vans and large warehouses we are able to plan all the logistics, deliveries and installation teams, yet still work within your existing processes and policies.

UTEL has recently satisfactorily fulfilled a multi-million Euro contract for the retrofit of TASM to 2 million DSLAM ports in mainland Europe.

UTEL Toolkit

UTEL works with local installation subcontractors who are fully trained by UTEL in the local language. UTEL also provides a full specialist toolkit for the job for each installation team and manages the logistics and installation programme in line with customer requirements.

UTEL also takes full responsibility for the planning and quality verification of each installation.

Unlike many of our bigger competitors we do not attempt to enforce control on our customers nor do we try and utilise contractual loopholes to maximise profitability. We simply get on with the job, keying into our customer's business processes and taking ownership of problems, in a flexible and friendly manner. We have been truly stunned by some of the very positive comments that we have received from our customers as regards to the way we do business.