Antenna Attitude Monitoring System


Ariel mounting is important for both signal coverage and quality of service. Ariels are often mounted and then assumed to be okay, strong winds and harsh weather can often move them from the original position and be detrimental to their operation and original coverage design.

A slight deviation or movement can cause coverage to be inconsistant, traffic unbalanced and cells to overlap affecting network performance and quality.

The Antenna monitoring system captures the critical data, height, directional angle, tilt angle, latitude and lonitude and returns the data to a server for alarms and management.

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Antenna Attitude Monitoring System


Antenna Attitude Monitoring System

Key Features

  • Heartbeat device check every 5 minutes
  • Low battery usage - long life
  • Any Fault details and battery level
  • Alarm Thresholds

Key Benefits

  • Live data from the device - Data accuracy in real time
  • Site visits not required to check accuracy
  • Fast check and accept installations
  • Multi user web based platform


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