Automated Fibre Testing


FastLight has several modes of testing.

On Demand Fibre Testing

On Demand allows an authorised user to run a test when required. This may be in response to a customer reporting a fault or to check an installation meets the standard required.

Scheduled Fibre Testing

There are 2 schedulers that can be configured for automatic testing. The first is for regular daily tests and can be set for 1, 6 or 12 hourly. The test type is usually a 'Quick test' and aims to check all routes in a minimum amount of time. Identified faults can be escalated via SMS & Email or flagged to a user to deal with.

Scheduler run times can be set up at system level, Central Office level or per route. At route level there is an option to override the interval time and set it to every 15 minutes with a start and end time. This allows for focused testing on a route or routes where known construction work in the area could introduce faults like cable breaks.

The second scheduler is for long term degradation or monitoring less important routes. The setting options are the same but the frequency is every 24 hours, weekly, monthly or 3 monthly.

Automated Fibre Testing


Automated Fibre Testing
Automated Fibre Testing

Key Features

  • Set up at various levels in the system
  • Automatically runs in the background
  • Option to stop further tests after a fault has been identified
  • Configurable escalation lists

Key Benefits

  • Useful data for SLA proof
  • Makes full use of the system 24/7/365
  • Automatic escalation or manual option
  • Flexible times for all levels


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