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UTEL is always on the look out for exceptional research and design engineers and inventors to join our expanding multi-disciplinary multi-national R&D team in rural Suffolk.

We offer well above average salaries supplemented with annual profit sharing bonuses, flexible working hours and a friendly jeans and t-shirt non-heirarchical working environment. If you are looking for an ordered 9 to 5 working environment, where you do similar tasks every day and your career progression is managed for you, then you are in the wrong place!

At UTEL R&D happens fast. New ideas and multi-tasking is the norm, as is being dropped in at the deep end and on the job learning. Making the impossible possible is our business. Career and salary progression also happens equally fast for the right people.

We have an open mind on academic qualifications. We would generally expect applicants to have a Bachelors or Masters degree in electronics, software engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics or physics. We would however consider exceptional non-graduates who can demonstrate that they have the required aptitude and skill set.

Most importantly we are looking for practical people who can apply technology and enjoy learning and contributing in a team environment; individuals with a high level of self-motivation and self-management skills combined with exceptional analytical skills. UTEL is a caring equal opportunity employer and we do our best to support our people. We have zero tolerance for sexists and bigots.

We expect all of our staff to be able to communicate in English. Fluency in other European languages, Mandarin or Arabic would be useful.

If you think this is the sort of place that you would like to work and you have the pre-requisite skill set then please send your CV to