FastLight Mobile Apps


UTEL have developed several mobile Apps that integrate easily into FastLight.

Recovery App

The 'Recovery App' allows an authorised user to walk a route and capture all the GIS data, latitude,longitude, equipment type and status. This can then be uploaded directly to FastLight via 4G or WiFi back at the office. The App can also be used to capture images to verify work is complete, bar code data and even update status information.

FastLight Mobile App
FastLight Mobile App
FastLight Mobile App

Further Apps will allow splice lists and location details to be sent to an engineer who can complete the work and update the system from the App.

Mobile and tablet friendly

Access to FastLight can also be via a mobile and tablet with a web browser. This allows tests to be started remotely and results to be viewed while on site.

FastLight Mobile App

Key Features

  • Live map location / Gis Data
  • Simple button press to capture components
  • Supports multiple users
  • Simple APK load for Android phones

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy on location of components
  • Photo evidence
  • Easy to use interface
  • Remote uploading of data


How to buy

For further information, please visit our how to buy page.