An enterprise level Software Solution for building, commissioning and testing optical networks

Element Management Solutions

We have designed a comprehensive management software system to rectify many issues caused by poor installation work and record keeping – this is our FastLight element management software!

Finding and fixing faults is no longer tedious as Fastlight is a complete solution for building, commissioning and testing optical networks.

FastLight allows routine and on-demand testing, multi-scheduling, alarm notification, maintenance and bench marking fibre networks, along with it being a multi-user, multifunctional and universal infrastructure overview, with GIS mapping that has the added benefit of displaying fault location to a particular infrastructure item ie: manhole.

FastLight controls the our test equipment in the Exchange, remotely via HTTPS using a secure web based GUI. This can be hosted on your own server, and offers a wide-range system support package and functionality including system inventory, reports, contractor sign off and mobile device support, for testing and network recovery, are just part of the added features.

FastLight takes care of things normally requiring highly skilled technicians in order to diagnose faults with the network, storing results in the database allowing for easy management.

Improved visibility for all third parties connected to your mapped network, including a view of your core networks, makes network responsibility clearly visible.

FastLight leads to dramatic OpEx reductions – reduced downtime, eliminates first time fails, no unnecessary truck roll, automates fault finding with no handheld equipment needed and helps builds networks with 100% capacity availability.

Element Management Solutions

Features include

  • P2P networks
  • User management
  • 16, 32, 64 port Switches
  • Mobile Apps
  • Quality Audits / Gates
  • Scheduled Testing
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • PON networks
  • GIS mapping
  • Expandable platform
  • Cloud service
  • Acceptance criteria
  • GUI interface
  • Configurable
  • Planning to repair
  • Dark fibre
  • Element management
  • No enforced work practice
  • Backups
  • On demand testing
  • Full support
  • KML import/export
  • Licence options
  • Live fibre
  • 1650nm OTDR
  • No skills required
  • Reports
  • User audit logs
  • Clear work flow
  • Training packages