A complete range of network build Fibre Infrastructure Products for PON and Point to Point Fibre networks

UTEL is proud to offer Huamai's high quality, cost effective optical network infrastructure products

We can modify or develop new products for your specific requirements

The range of network build Fibre Infrastructure Products we can supply include:

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Passive Components

Passive Components

ODN Components

ODN Components

Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre Optic Cables

Our partnership

Through UTEL's partnership with Huamai, we can supply the full range of fibre optic infrastructure products: cables, passive components and ODN hardware. You benefit from Huamai's 20-year experience of supplying very large network builds in China and over 40 other countries, and from their commitment to quality.

UTEL provide a UK-based agency with deep expertise in fibre optic networks, able to understand and capture your detailed requirements.

Working together, we will ensure you get the right products, the best prices, and reliable delivery, be it an existing product or a completely new design to meet your exact requirements.

UTEL France has already proven this model, supplying high volumes of infrastructure products to a range of operators.

About Huamai

Nanjing Huamai Technology Company Ltd was founded in 1998. The company has always been focussed on supplying cables, passive components and infrastructure products for optical networking.

Huamai's customers include more than 30 telecommunications operators worldwide as well as large operators in their domestic market, supporting FTTH, mobile and wireless deployments. Steady growth has been achieved through a commitment to quality, responsible environmental policies and worker welfare: Huamai gained ISO9001 in 2001, and ISO14001 and ISO18001 in 2009.

R&D is in-house and the company owns 300 patents. Current revenue is more than 1 bn RMB (£110M), and Huamai is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.