Fibre Installation Testing

Fibre Installation Testing without our solution

After contracting an engineer to install a fibre network, it is vital to ensure that the engineer has done the work you have asked for - correctly!

To verify that the network was installed to specification, the engineer will use a hand-held Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) to test each fibre end after the 1:N splitter, before signing it off as complete. Often, the splitting ratio of N is large.

This method is extremely time-consuming and inefficient, and makes managing the results very difficult, causing further costs later on.

Fibre Installation Testing - The Solution

The engineer must perform a test on every port of the splitter. Over time, more faults occur due to the inadequate installation.

Fibre Installation Testing with our solution

At UTEL, we have created an efficient and cost-effective solution. We provide structured installation steps to allow you to monitor the fibre roll out and ensure the work is installed properly. After completing one test, rather than N tests, you will see the real condition of the network.

Fibre Installation Testing - The Solution

Only one test required, saving a substantial amount of time.

Our award-winning OTDR is located in the central office, used to validate the entire route in a single test. We offer our patented multi-port commissioning tool - the UMPCT - which provides key measurements, such as the total loss of every fibre branch along with any Optical Return Loss (ORL) of the key network components. It can even measure the insertion loss and ORL of the field fit connectors, using some extra tests with our phone application (Field Tech) for the engineer out in the field.

Point to Point Fibre Testing - The Solution

No Faults Found

Our tests allow the engineer to measure the total loss of each branch - with one test! Ensuring that the branch is within the power budget at the specified distance, and below the specified port to port variance.

Point to Point Fibre Testing - The Solution

Fault Found

The test is run remotely through our Element Management System (FastLight), where the user has full control over the type of tests they want to run. We provide different specifications for commissioning tests, such as the UMPCT as mentioned previously, and a range of other tests to prove the condition of the network.

Every test is stored in a central database, giving you a record of the work done and the state of the network when it was completed. Using these tests, you can mark it as the reference and associate the Optical Network Terminations (ONTs) with specific customer. We provide a solution that allows you to be sure that your network is of the highest standards.

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Working closely with you, we will create you a Point to Point Fibre Testing tailored to your network and requirements. For details on how to get in touch for further information, please visit our how to buy page.