The UTEL ByPass Switch is an Optical relay device that takes one Optical path when it is powered and a secondary path when the power is removed.

Each unit manages two fibers and can bypass equipment using transmit and receive channels.

It has a restart timer that can be set to 0-15 minutes. This gives the by-passed equipment time to reboot prior to switching it back into the network.

An optional 3U rack with slide in cards is also available for the larger sites and higher capacity.

Fibre Optical ByPass Switch

Key Features

  • Mounting: Stand alone box
  • Weight: 26g
  • Height (mm): 30
  • Depth: 186 (Inc connectors)
  • Case: Metal
  • Connectors: LC/APC LC/PC


Technical Specification

  • Power requirements: One Fused -48V DC supply
  • Consumption: ≤ 1 Watt
  • Restart Timer (Minutes): 0 - 15 Variable
  • Status LED: Green / Red
  • Insertion loss Power On (typical): 0.54dB (1310nm)
  • Insertion loss Power Off (typical): -0.62dB (1310nm)



Fibre Optic ByPass Switch Configuration

Fibre Optical ByPass Switch