Fibre Optical Network Planning Tool


FastLight is a multi faceted tool and features planning tools that assist network planners and data builders plan and build a network from scratch or expand existing networks.

Driven by GIS maps, a high level network design can be drawn in minutes, adding manholes, hand holes, foot boxes, ducts, street cabinets, poles and infrastructure used by the customer.

Detailed work lists can be published or sent to mobile apps for inclusion into tenders or manage installation teams, both internal and external.

Track progress and set dependencies between tasks to prevent splice teams arriving before a cable has been floated. Update the status using mobile Apps, return photos and exact Latitude, Longitude changes to FastLight for verification and history of work.

Fibre Optical Planning Tool


Fibre Optical Planning Tool
Fibre Optical Planning Tool

Key Features

  • Master data available to all users
  • Reserve, allocate and connect down to fibre level
  • Real time data for repair, capacity and status reports
  • Output Works orders for Civils, cables, connections to paper or mobile app
  • Duplicate Name and 'No name' checks
  • Photos, bar codes, history and audits

Key Benefits

  • Clearly defined but flexible process
  • Dependencies prevent wasted visits by engineers
  • Plan and map networks, easily add testing functionality
  • Reduce mistakes as the components are defined for the customer
  • Reports, capacity, status, network diagrams
  • Defined user roles and access levels


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