Providing High Speed access is becoming very simple and easy by locating a DSLAM close to customers and connecting it with fibre and utilising the existing copper infrastructure to connect customers. Typical applications are multiple dwelling units, small towns and rural villages. Once established both domestic and business services can be provided utilising the latest technologies such as VDSL 2 and going forward, G.Fast.

GPON systems will often be used to provide the fibre service and UTEL's Fast Light system will be of great benefit in the monitoring and managing of this part of the network.

From the DSLAM to the customer, the copper network still needs to be tested including the DSLAM itself in case a port fails.

UTEL offer solutions to test the copper network and DSLAM simply and easily with test access switches and test heads that are designed to be located in street cabinets or buildings. These allow problems to be remotely diagnosed reducing site visits and OPEX.


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