Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)
Test Heads


The U-Test318 family of xDSL testheads has been specifically designed to provide truly world class performance in Central Office based applications. Our Testhead provides the full range of service assurance copper pair test. In today's world where Broadband / IPTV demand ever more performance over short loops, service speeds of up to 100 Mbits, the U-Test318 family also incorporates a full range of wideband test features as one would expect from any world class testhead. The U-Test318 is also available with an integrated modular TASM to provide Test Access.

What distinguishes the U-Test318 from our competitors products is its ability to provide critical xDSL specific measurements which are far beyond the current industry standard capabilities. This family of testheads has been specifically designed for today's xDSL service delivery problem set.

The U-Test318 family is also available with an advanced "Golden Modem". This can connect and Sync with the DSLAM to prove the port is working correctly.

Overview Diagram

Key Features

  • Full test suite for Copper Line Test
  • Future proof Linux platform
  • Remote firmware upgradable
  • Custom interface options
  • EMC, ESD, RoHS, CE compliant


Key Benefits

  • Out of the box working
  • Customisable filters and prioritisation
  • Http or secure https, web browser options
  • Role based access levels
  • XML, TL1 and web access



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