FTTX G-PON Testing

PON Testing without our solution

A customer reports a problem and it is usual practice to dispatch a hand-held OTDR-equipped engineer to the premises, after setting up an appointment.

The customer then has to be disconnected for the test to be carried out.

The engineer will test the fibre back to the exchange with a view to finding any fault conditions. It is not unusual for the engineer to find there is no problem with the fibre but that the problem is with the subscriber's equipment.

Truck rolls and wasted manpower results in an increase in OpEx (operating expense).

FTTX G-PON Testing - The Problem

PON Testing with our solution

We have designed a fibre test system made up of two components, an exchange based OTDR and multiple sized Optical Test Access Switches.

Optical fibre lines can be tested via customer support and immediate, accurate fault finding is carried out and the fault is displayed so to dispatch an engineer to the correct location.

If no fault is detected on the fibre the subscriber can be informed that the problem is with their equipment and further telephone help can be offered or an engineer could attend to rectify the problem.

This not only reduces OpEx but identifies provider responsibility, where Third Party equipment is part of the customers installation.

FTTX G-PON Testing - The Solution

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Working closely with you, we will create you a FTTX PON Testing solution tailored to your network and requirements. For details on how to get in touch for further information, please visit our how to buy page.

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