Network Operations Centre Fibre Testing


The FastLight architecture allows users to have limited system access. A good example of this is a Network Operations Centre (NOC) configuration that only has Test functionality. The user can carry out a test while the customer is on the line. The result is simply a Test Pass or Test Fail message. The test results still reside on the system and full trace and event table details can be seen by other user roles with authority.

Network Operations Centre Fibre Testing

Key Features

  • Dedicated User Role with Test only options
  • Simply test selection options - Only live routes
  • Test run while customer is on-line
  • Select route by Name, OLT port, Switch Port

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive display little training required
  • No result diagnostics skills required
  • Available as an option to all users
  • Detailed results available to higher privileged users


How to buy

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