The Fast Light UT903 OTDR has been developed to enable the cost effective central office testing of fibre cable systems, both passive optical networks (PONs) and point to point using a single test unit.

The PON OTDR function combines a fast response with excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Trace data is further enhanced using signal processing techniques, enabling the UTEL OTDR to resolve reflections from ONTs on PONs without additional reflectors. The point-to-point OTDR function with its high dynamic range can monitor links up to 160 km, providing an accurate location if a fault is found. Periodic testing allows monitoring for degradation, enabling preventative maintenance.


Key Features

  • "Out of band test" wavelength, no interruption to service
  • Ability to apply test tones
  • On Demand / Scheduled testing
  • Remote access and test management
  • Choice of panel connectors
  • Cascade to Fibre level using the UTEL Optical Switches
  • Rack mount options
  • Determined baseline for future reference / changes
  • Part of a full test solution (FastLight)

Technical Specification

  • Wavelength: 1650nm +/- 5nm
  • Measurement range (km): 1 (min) to 500 (max)
  • Pulse width: 3ns (min), 20us (max)
  • Sampling resolution (m): 0.1 (min) to 2 (max)
  • Dynamic range: 43dB (typical)
  • Event dead zone: 0.7m (typical)
  • Attenuation dead zone: 5m (typical)
  • Distance measurement accuracy: +/-(1m + 0.0025% x distance + sampling resolutio)
  • Maximum number of sampling points: 250,000
  • Test Time: Typically 60 Seconds
  • Control Interface: Ethernet 100Mb/sec
  • Control Software: UTEL FastLight or via published APIs
  • Power requirements: -48V DC 24Watts
  • Output Connector: SC/APC
  • Power requirements: -48V DC 24Watts
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5°C to 45°C (standard calibration)
  • MTBF: >20 Years (70,000 hours on fan)
  • Volatile memory: None
  • Height (mm): 44.4
  • Width (mm): 437
  • Depth (mm): 250
  • Weight (kg): 4
  • Tones: 270Hz, 300Hz 1KHz, 2KHz



PDF Fast Light Optical Test Access Switch