The Fast Light OTDR probe has been specifically developed to enable the cost effective central office testing of fibre cable systems both point to point and passive optical networks (PON's).

UTEL has a reputation for stretching the technical envelope of what is deemed possible. In the development of our OTDR we have applied the latest technology and have succeeded in creating a truly revolutionary measurement platform with outstanding performance. The OTDR trace data is further enhanced using advanced mathematical processing techniques. This enables the UTEL OTDR to clearly see reflections, from ONT's on PON network without additional reflectors. The OTDR with its high dynamic range is ideal for monitoring long distances fibres, providing clear accurate fault locations and to monitor dynamic degradation information to allow preventative maintenance.


Key Features

Technical Specification

  • Wavelength: 1650nm +/- 5nm
  • Measurement range (km): 1 (min) - 200 (max)
  • Pulse width: 3ns (min) - 20µs (max)
  • Sampling resolution (m): 0.0487 (min) - 32 (max)
  • Dynamic range: 43dB (typical)
  • Event dead zone: 1m (typical)
  • Attenuation dead zone: 4m (typical)
  • Distance measurement accuracy: +/-(1+0.0025%xdistance +sampling resolution)
  • Sampling points (maximum): ≥200,000
  • Test Time: Typically 60 Seconds
  • Control Interface: Ethernet 100Mb/sec
  • Control Software: UTEL FastLight or via published APIs
  • Power requirements: -48V DC 24Watts
  • Mounting: 19" or ETSI (brackets included)
  • Output Connector: SC/APC
  • Power requirements: -48V DC 24Watts
  • Operating Temperature Range: 10°C - 35°C (standard calibration)
  • MTBF: >20 Years
  • Height (mm): 75 (2U)
  • Width (mm): 440
  • Depth (mm): 240
  • Weight (kg): 3



PDF Fast Light Optical Test Access Switch

PDF Fast Light Software System