Point to Point Fibre Testing

Point to Point Testing without our solution

Point to point cables contain some of the most important fibres on your network. Any issues with the cable needs to be recognised and addressed immediately.

This process has previously been extremely inefficient. It begins with a loss of service being reported - prompting an engineer to be sent out with a handheld OTDR. They have to spend a considerable amount of time locating the fault and then applying the fix.

Point to Point Fibre Testing - The Problem

Point to Point Testing with our solution

Our solution provides a full detection and response system, and can be used to monitor both live and dark fibres.

Point to Point Fibre Testing - The Solution

We install a laser source at the beginning of a fibre and a power meter at the end, providing fault detection in real time. A fault will send an instruction to the OTDR, and prompt a test on the fibre within seconds.

After running the test, an alert will be sent to the engineer, along with the exact location and severity of the fault. Due to the nature of the FastLight Element Management System, any relevant managers will become aware of the issue.

This system can be configured to predict a fault that may be caused by degradation, using the fail thresholds based within the power meter. It allows you to prepare for any further work based around the maintenance of your network.

In addition to this, we are able to run tests with the OTDR periodically - without the need of a laser source and a power meter.

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Working closely with you, we will create you a Point to Point Fibre Testing tailored to your network and requirements. For details on how to get in touch for further information, please visit our how to buy page.