Point to Point Fibre Testing

Point to Point Testing with FastLight

FastLight provides a full detection and response system, that can be used to monitor both live and dark fibres. FastLight is able to test up to 160km of fibre cable. Point to point networks can be tested periodically or be monitored in real time. You are able to run tests with the OTDR periodically using the automated test function, this can allow you to test the lines as frequently as desired, automatically alerting you to any changes.

Point to Point Testing with FastLight

Point to Point Testing with FastLight

Once a test is run, FastLight’s diagnostics will come back as No Fault/Fault. If a fault has occurred an alert will be sent to the engineer, along with the exact location and severity of the fault. FastLight Element Management System can notify relevant managers via email or SMS too.

This system can be configured to identify if a fault may be caused by fibre degradation. This is achieved by using the fail thresholds based within the power meter. It will allow you to prepare for the maintenance of your network.

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Working closely with you, we will create you a Point to Point Fibre Testing Solution tailored to your network and requirements. For details on how to get in touch for further information, please visit our how to buy page.