The in-line modular TAMs are designed to plug straight into the DSLAM and have male and female connectors. On new installations, the module is plugged and secured to the DSLAM and the original cable is plugged into the modular TAM. Retrofit takes a few hours, the cable is removed from the DSLAM, the modular TAM inserted and the cable reconnected.

This is the cheapest option for in-line TAM, no additional cables, no extra cabinets, they simple fit into the existing DSLAM rack. Partial installations are also possible, adding additional modules as the customer base expands.

The installation teams will be provided with all the tools required to carry out a retrofit installation.

Daisy chain up to 6144 lines (HD) / 12288 lines (UD) with an ISMC 32ES-EU, or 24576 (HD) / 49152 lines (UD) with the ISMC 128ES-EU

Overview Diagram

Full Brochures

Download a full PDF brochure by clicking the links below:

Download PDF  SM-A-HD/UD
Download PDF  Copper Products Brochure

Individual Products

Download an individual product PDF page by clicking the links below:

Download PDF  128 Block TAM
Download PDF  CTC218
Download PDF  CTC218M
Download PDF  ISMC101ES-EU
Download PDF  ISMC128 ES-EU
Download PDF  ISMC32ES-EU
Download PDF  Modular In-Line Test Access
Download PDF  SM-100LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-128LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-64LLU-IDC
Download PDF  SM-A-FD
Download PDF  SM-A-HD/UD
Download PDF  SM-A-XD
Download PDF  SM-E-120/240
Download PDF  SM-E-480
Download PDF  SM-E-960
Download PDF  SM-EC-64
Download PDF  SM-H-S
Download PDF  SM-H-SL-64
Download PDF  SM-H-X
Download PDF  SM-H-X64
Download PDF  SM-HC-64
Download PDF  SM-L-FS/LS
Download PDF  SM-UT-STAR
Download PDF  TASM 100ES LLU
Download PDF  TASM 100ES MK2A LLU
Download PDF  TASM 400ES LLU
Download PDF  U-Test Functionality Comparison
Download PDF  U-Test Functionality Comparison - Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test100
Download PDF  U-Test218
Download PDF  U-Test218 Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test318
Download PDF  U-Test318 Page 2
Download PDF  U-Test318X
Download PDF  U-Test318X Page 2

Key Features

  • True four wire test - 2 in, 2 out
  • Modular design, no additional racks or footprint
  • No power consumption in idle mode
  • Fault tolerant - lines switched through by default
  • EMC, ESD, RoHS, CE compliant

Key Benefits

  • Automated testing after floods, storms or weather disasters
  • No power consumption in idle mode
  • Reduced OpEX, more efficient use of deskilled staff
  • Space savings - No additional racks or footprint
  • No additional cables


Product Data

  • 24 Switchable test circuit pairs per module
  • Height: 95mm  Width: 20mm  Depth: 105mm  Weight: 20g
  • Four wire test bus - look in & look out test options
  • Fitted directly to DSLAM - No additional racks or foot print
  • No power consumption in idle mode
  • Real Time circuit access, test and diagnostics
  • Works with all leading manufactures Test Heads
  • Free API & XML interface for customer control system
  • RJ45 Cat5 cables provided for easy interconnect
  • Fully compliant with EMC, ESD, CE and RoHS standards