FastLight is the ultimate fibre testing solution for reducing OpEx.

FastLight is the ideal solution for PON and Point to Point testing, helping to reduce OpEx by building and maintaining networks as efficiently as possible.

FastLight’s world class OTDR provides testing at 1650nm for uninterrupted services. It has high fault resolution, requires no reflectors and can test through splitters. FastLight ensures the network is built right first time, its automated fault alerts get the engineer is to the right location quickly.

What FastLight can do:

Locate fibre break after splitters FastLight can test FTTH through up to 1:128 splitters. This means any faults are detected and breaks are located quickly and easily, even beyond a splitter. This helps to reduce the time a network is down and to reduce OpEx costs. An engineer is only required to fix the fault, not locate it, therefore saving time and money.
Monitor Fibre installation from the central side FastLight allows the installation of the network to be monitored closely from start to finish. This helps to ensure the network is built right first time, helping to save money on installation and remedial work. This means you receive a network that runs as well as you have planned, and only pay subcontractors once satisfied with build quality.
Test as-built network FastLight can test as-built networks centrally, saving the need for highly skilled engineers to test each individual fibre separately. FastLight can test every fibre from the final splitter in a single test from the head end, significantly saving time and money.
Test with or without reflectors FastLight can test with or without a reflector at the ONT end. This means there are no hidden costs, such as reflector installation. Not needing reflectors allows FastLight to see the presence of the ONT and to detect whether it is connected. The same high OTDR sensitivity also allows breaks to be seen after the final splitter.
Network planning FastLight can be used to generate a network plan on a map. It will then automatically create a network diagram and plan fibre connections. The system captures the components and creates accurate build data that can be used for tenders and work orders.
Inventory and Asset Manager FastLight uses the network planning tool to automatically capture network components and manages asset and inventory levels. Inventory and assets can also be imported in to FastLight.
Automated testing and alerts Network testing can be scheduled to constantly monitor the network and pick up on subtle changes. Fault alerts are automatically sent via email/SMS to the relevant person, with the fault type and location.
Mobile apps (Phone and Tablet) The data recovery app uses geo-data and GPS co-ordinates to locate the components of a pre-existing fibre route on a map. The app automatically syncs with FastLight and updates records for reference. The FastLight testing app is used to run tests from site and receive feedback on the network.
Faults displayed on map Once a fault has occurred, FastLight indicates the fault location with a red cross on the mapped route diagram. An engineer can be sent directly to the location to fix the issue, saving valuable time for the business as well as maintaining a better level of customer service.
Fibre can be tested by customer service operator Customer service staff can easily be trained to use FastLight to conduct tests centrally. Tests can be done whilst the customer is on the phone, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing reliance on engineers for testing.

FTTX PON Testing

Advanced PON Testing

Locate Fibre breaks after splitters with or without reflectors.

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Fibre Installation Testing

Right First Time Installation

As the network owner, you police installation quality to your specifications.

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Point to Point Testing

Point to Point Testing

Protecting high value backbone links by monitoring both live and dark fibres

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