FastLight: Planning for FTTX success

FastLight Management Software suite benefits

  • Faster monetisation of investment
  • Faster roll out through streamlined build process and integrated workflow
  • Lower build costs with unlimited testing and quality checks, build right first time
  • Better financial control– Your network records and build partner invoicing validated against actual build
  • Automatic daily updates on build progress – identify new build or problem areas in real time
  • Lower operating costs with automatic network monitoring

Manage your FTTX design and build process efficiently and minimise cost. The FastLight fibre management software suite provides a simple integrated solution for the design and build of FTTX networks. Simple to use and fully integrated from design concept to ready-for-service it does away with multiple spreadsheets and manual design updates reducing cost, improving communication and helps you get it right first time.

FTTX Planning with real time build monitoring and validation

UTEL FastLight is unique in enabling you to manage and monitor the design process from initial concept to build packs and then during build out UTEST provides real-time validation of the network build, ensuring it is truly ready for service.

Fastlight planning

FastLight ensuring quality from design concept to in-service monitoring.

Many vendors claim to improve quality through better documentation but FastLight goes much further. The FastLight fibre management suite is physically attached to the network constantly checking what is built against what was planned. The FastLight FTTH design is automatically synchronised with the UTEST real time network test and validation system. With FastLight you can;

  • Automate your design process
  • Manage the process from concept to build
  • Validate the build in real time through automated physical testing
  • Measure build progress daily
  • Validate the quality of the build and ensure ready-for-service

Specifically for the end user this means:

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Online access
  • Integrated design tool from Concept to Build Pack
  • Improved productivity
  • Online tuition
  • Extensive reporting tools
  • Automated design tools
  • Automated upload of existing GIS and spreadsheet data

Find out more

To find out more about how FastLight can help you plan a network that delivers your vision in the real world and access a free trail go to our dedicated passive optical network planning pages here.