Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

When your network is fully operational, UTEST can be used to continuously monitor the network as well as providing testing on demand. UTEST can be used to monitor backhaul, feeder fibres, point-to-point and the PON. Among other benefits, continuous monitoring makes it easier to detect and locate potential issues in real-time before they become major problems, reducing downtime and ensuring that your network’s overall network performance meets your customers’ expectations. This is particularly useful when it comes to ensuring that you meet service level agreements (SLA) with high-value customers.

You can choose to automatically receive regular monitoring reports that you can analyse to track patterns and trends in your network’s performance.

Network monitoring can be continuous (24x7) or scheduled (e.g. overnight) and you can set optical performance thresholds so the system will automatically warn you if that threshold is in danger of being breached.

The system is self calibrating, uses the ITU standard 1650nm test wavelength so can be used in a live/lit network and runs with multi-wavelength transmission systems.

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