Customer services

The alternative to SELT, DELT and MELT

When a customer rings the CSP's call centre to report a problem, it is absolutely imperative that the service provider can very quickly and definitively assign the fault to either:

This problem analysis needs to be done while the customer is still on the line. Otherwise the costs will increase significantly.

The answer is our UTEL TASM Test Head

It is never too late to retrofit Test Access Switches and Test Heads

Retrofitting Test Access Switches and Test Heads will avoid the massive cost of failure. UTEL are global experts in supplying and fitting retrofit TASM solutions.

UTEL have retrofitted over 10 million DSL lines in Europe with Test Access Switches over the past few years and have developed dedicated TASM retrofit solutions for a wide range of DSLAMs. The retrofitting of UTEL Test Access Switches has helped global players to turn their businesses around by enabling them to achieve a year on year decrease in OpEx in an expanding market. Specialist xDSL technical support teams, that were growing year on year, have become virtually redundant and customer service transaction times have also been dramatically reduced. Most importantly the ability to automatically identify the source of customer problems has greatly improved the supplier's reputation in the marketplace.