Welcome to UTEL

A proven history:

UTEL is a long-established UK founded company with global reach and a proven track record in providing some of the most innovative test solutions the telecoms industry has ever seen. Working closely with some of the world’s leading telcos’ UTEL has expanded to serve a global market with offices in France, a joint venture in China and trading partners representing the UTEL brand on nearly every continent.

UTEL's history lies in providing copper test access switches, controllers and advanced testheads used for precise fault diagnosis and accurate fault locations using advanced techniques. UTEL have supplied over 22 million lines of test access switches including support of telcos' rollout of LLU.

Through innovation and investment, UTEL have developed industry-leading solutions to some of the most demanding testing scenarios.


A bright future:

Times have changed and an ageing copper network is less able to survive the increasing demands placed upon it. The only realistic future-proof option is full fibre networks.

UTEL have developed a full suite of capability for seamless, whole-life support of physical fibre networks, from planning, build and commissioning through to real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis and fault location. UTEL FastLight2 software functions as a full network inventory system including GIS mapping, planning and reporting tools as well as providing the user interface for fibre testing.


Getting your network right from the start

The quality of installation work is critical to the future reliability and performance of the network. Fibre optic transmission paths are seriously degraded by poor connections and fibre bends. UTEL FastLight supports policing of installation quality before sign-off and handover to operations.

Choose UTEL to help you build a healthy fibre network now and maintain it in a service ready state for decades to come whilst simultaneously helping improve efficiency and drive down your operational expenditure.


Lightwave Innovation Finalist 2018

Judge's Comment:
"To be able to see endpoints following an optical splitter in passive optical networks is ground breaking."


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