• How to take cost and pain out of PON deployment - Todays best practice

    UTEL has had the privilege of working with some of the world's biggest early adopters of Fibre PONS in both Europe and Asia. These pioneers have learnt a lot of hard lessons on their journey. With the benefit of hindsight, many of these service providers would approach their PON rollouts very differently today, if only they had the opportunity to start all over again.

    Here we give you an insight into their learning experience and today’s best practice.

    Using a properly thought through installation process will not only reduce cost and pain during the rollout but will also enable the service provider to eliminate truck rolls in the future.

  • Remote PON Installation Quality Monitoring

    Controlling PON installation quality is notoriously difficult, particularly when using contract labour. UTEL’s innovative PON monitoring technology now enables service providers to continuously verify the optical quality of their PON networks as they are built. It dramatically reduces customer service provision problems and enables cost effective quality control of installation contractors.

    Remote Fibre Test Systems for PON (and Long Line)

    UTEL's innovative PON OTDR can directly detect the reflections from individual ONTs without needing test wavelength reflectors. It enables service providers to automatically fault their PON networks, eliminating truck rolls and enabling them to meet stringent SLAs.

  • Innovative Fibre PON Infrastructure Products

    UTEL is a leading supplier of innovative PON infrastructure products. Our key strength is that we can rapidly design new products. We can move from an idea to a real product sample within a period of weeks and volume manufacturing in 2 to 3 months.

    UTEL has its own experienced fibre-optic infrastructure design teams in China and our own Chinese manufacturing and quality control department in Nanjing. We use a large number of contract manufacturers in China, which enables us to rapidly flex volumes in response to our customer’s demands.

    Our Fast Light range of products combine clever engineering and production optimised design enabling us to achieve brutally competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

  • About UTEL

    UTEL is a telecommunications R&D company that was formed as a two man startup 25 years ago but has now become a world leader in fibre test and measurement and a major player in the supply of fibre PON infrastructure. UTEL originally started off in copper test and measurement developing a wide range of copper test access switches, copper testheads and robotic street cross connect systems. Over the past few years our focus has moved to fibre and we have made major breakthroughs in OTDR technology and in the design of bespoke innovative fibre infrastructure products.

    UTEL uses contract manufacturers in Europe and China to achieve world class pricing.

    UTEL R&D Services

    UTEL has a world-class skill set in high speed test and measurement with all of the associated CAD and rapid prototyping technology. We also take on design work for third parties.

Welcome to UTEL

The place where innovation never sleeps

Our company has evolved from a two man start-up in a farm yard in Suffolk to a multinational company with a high tech joint venture in China and a pan European sales operation in France near Versailles. Our secret of success is our ability to provide better solutions at lower cost and at unprecedented speed. UTEL is now the technical world leader in PON OTDR test technology as well as being the supplier of choice for fibre infrastructure products for the new disruptive tier two operators who are spearheading the fibre revolution.

Fast Light: Getting your next generation optical network right from the start

With demand for services increasing, including the provision of value-added services such as TV and video, existing copper networks are beginning to reach their breaking point. Operators need to switch to fibre networks now. The good news is that fibre optic networks are very resilient and far less prone to problems than the copper they replace, but the bad news is that many of these networks are installed incorrectly, causing more problems down the line.


Lightwave Innovation Finalist 2018

Judge's Comment:
"To be able to see endpoints following an optical splitter in passive optical networks is ground breaking."


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