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UTEST 903 OTDR is at the heart of our UTEST centralised testing system. It can be used to test passive optical networks (PONs), point-to-point, dark and lit fibre using a single testhead.

The UTEL 903 OTDR works with UTEL’s cloud based FastLight software. The OTDR’s sophisticated event analysis capabilities combined with the comprehensive management and reporting functions available in FastLight.

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Remote Optical Switch Controller (ROSC)

UTEL’s remote optical switch controller (ROSC) is part of the UTEST system. The ROSC extends the range of the UTEST centralised testing system by enabling the optical switches to be located up to 20km from the UTEL 903 OTDR test head.

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Optical Switches

Our fibre product portfolio includes UTEST – an innovative, centralised testing system developed to support ambitious, forward-looking operators keen to build right first time and provide high levels of customer service in the increasingly competitive FTTX market. UTEL’s high-density optical switches are part of the UTEST system.

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Optical Switch with WDM

UTEL’s range of optical switches are optimised for limited space installations, such as FTTX street cabinets. They are also suitable for central office applications and remote exchanges. The switches are used in conjunction with the UTEL 903 OTDR, ROSC and FastLight software as part of the UTEST centralised testing system.

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WDM Tray

UTEL WDM trays allow the UTEL 903 OTDR 1650nm test signal to be effectively injected into the FTTX network. The ITU-standard 1650nm signal is outside the transmission wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm. This allows the UTEST centralised test system to be used from the early build stages to in-service without any change of equipment or interruption to service traffic.

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Power Monitoring Optical Bypass Switch

The UTEL Optical ByPass Switch monitors the state of the fibre and takes one Optical path when it is powered and a secondary path when the power is removed. Each unit manages two fibres and can bypass equipment using transmit and receive channels.

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Remote Battery Power Switch

The UTEL Remote Battery Power Switch enables operators to prioritise backup power to different services when the mains power supply is cut. In areas with frequent power outages this switch provides control over how battery back backup power is deployed. A typical application is to disconnect high power consuming services as battery power diminishes so as to maintain essential services for as long as possible.

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