UTEL Fibre Management System: FAQs

As experts in fibre network build and planning, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive information on our FTTX fibre planning software.

Whether you are looking for new fibre planning software or to replace your existing software, this set of FAQs is designed to address common queries regarding our integrated solution for the design and build of FTTX networks.

Getting Started

Our UTEL fibre management system is a simple integrated solution for the design and build of FTTX Fibre Networks. It is simple to use with comprehensive functionality and is highly flexible and fully customisable. Built by experienced FTTX planners, it provides a integrated solution to manage your process efficiently and minimise costs.

Yes, we offer a free trial where you can access our fibre network management system for 30 days, which includes support from our technical experts.


The standard subscription plan offers full access to our fibre network planning system. Please contact us for a competitive price.

Both options are available. Please contact us to discuss which option is best for your business.

We normally accept payments by PayPal. Other options are available upon request.

The UTEL fibre optic management system is specifically built for network operators to design, approve, review and test their networks. Our fibre management system is simple and easy to use and can help improve your business processes, saving you time, money and operational costs. It does away with multiple spreadsheets and costly manual design updates, it will automate your design process, improve productivity and ensure faster roll out.

Advanced Features

Our application has multiple APIs for ease of integration. We also have experience integrating our fibre management system with many external tools. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes, our fibre management software application provides comprehensive tools for managing your fibre inventory. You can easily track and organise all your fibre assets and resources within our software and produce a variety of reports to help you manage your business.

Our software enables you to build and manage a wide variety of fibre inventory items, including but not limited to; splitters, cables, connectors, splices, distribution points, fibre network components, poles, buildings, POP’s / Central Offices and ducts, plus many more. This flexibility ensures that you can plan your fibre network to suit your own specific requirements.

Absolutely. Our software includes robust features for managing the entire fibre construction process, from planning and design to implementation and maintenance, all in one easy to use software package.

Yes, our system seamlessly integrates with GIS mapping software, including Google Maps and Open Street Maps. This integration enhances your fibre planning capabilities by providing a digital visual representation of your fibre network, cutting out the use of spreadsheets and paper based documents.

Yes, our software includes advanced fibre asset management functionality. You can efficiently design, approve, and review your assets in your network by using our software.

Our system provides fibre utility management tools, allowing you to optimise and control the utility aspects of your network effectively. It allows you to design, approve, review and test (using our UTEST platform) your fibre network to optimise performance by maintaining a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure

Yes, fibre cable management is an advanced key feature of our software. You can easily manage and organise your cables, ensuring efficient utilisation and installation. You can set distances and spilt cables as well as managing the fibres and tubes within the cable itself.

Our fibre network planning tool is designed to support the planning, design, and implementation of fibre networks including PON (Passive Optical Network) networks. The software provides you with the tools needed for successful deployment and management of your infrastructure.

Our software is equipped to handle the entire process of planning, designing and building fibre networks, from the POP or Central Office, to the premises.

Fibre zones refer to predefined geographical or logical areas within your fibre network. Our software allows you to organise and manage your infrastructure and network based on these zones, improving planning and maintenance activities which all help to minimise your operating costs and business processes.

Data Management and Security

Yes, our fibre network management software can import standard data files including KML and JSON files and also has multiple APIs to integrate with other systems.

Yes, for example, if you use our software for fibre inventory management, you can export your data and produce a set of fibre planning reports for you to analyse. You can also export your fibre network location data.

We run an advanced firewall configured specifically with predetermined rules to protect our network. We also perform regular backups onsite and offsite to protect our customers’ data. We are ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited.

You can also host our system yourself. Please contact us for further information.

Account Management

If you would like to trial our fibre network management software, we allow up to five users for the free trial. Ongoing requirements for further users can be discussed. We also offer a solution specifically for a large number of users. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yes, there are a range of different roles and permissions to support your network planning business processes.

The system can support most authentication methods and can be included when you purchase a subscription. This is not applicable for the free trial version.

Support and Training

To help you build and manage your fibre network we provide a huge range of support documentation to help users, ranging from traditional user guides to in-application help and tool-tips. There is also a range of help videos to guide you through the processes.

We offer email support for users who are trialling our fibre management software and can provide paid training courses on request.

Yes, you can view this on our dedicated training website.

New features and functionality are added on a regular basis.

Hardware Requirements

Our fibre optic network management & mapping software is web based and optimised to run on Google Chrome running a recommended 8Gb Ram with a 1920 x 1080 minimum screen resolution.

Our system is a simple to use, fibre management system which is optimised to run on Google Chrome. It is web based so it is not restricted by the Operating System.

About Us

We have years of experience working in the fibre telecoms industry and our team of experts use this experience to implement features in our software which will enhance and improve the way in which you design, plan and manage your network. Our vast experience in FTTX network management allows us to also work with you to help fine tune your business processes.