Planning for fibre network success

Plan - Survey - Design - Build - Test - Commission

  • Integrated end to end application
  • Accelerated return on investment
  • Streamlined processes and integrated workflow
  • Built right first time, on time and on budget
  • Quality controlled with automated testing
  • Better cost control with invoice validation
  • Automatic daily updates on build progress

UTEL efficiently manages your fibre optic network design and build processes, from initial concept to Build Pack. Our fibre planning software suite provides an integrated solution for the design, build and provisioning of backhaul, point-to-point and PONs (Passive Optical Networks). Intuitive and simple to use, it does away with multiple spreadsheets and manual updates. This reduces design cost, improves communication and helps you get it right first time.

UTEL ensures quality with real time build monitoring and validation

Our fibre planning software suite can be integrated with the UTEL centralised fibre optic network testing system, to provide real-time validation of the fibre network build, ensuring it is truly ready for service. With our fibre testing system, build progress reports are not dependent on field engineer reports, but are based on physical tests of the network. Daily centralised OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) tests can identify new fibre as it is laid, as well as splitters and distribution points as they are installed. Furthermore, any poor quality fibre installation work is identified as it occurs.

Fastlight planning

Productivity and quality from design concept to in-service monitoring.

With the UTEL planning and testing products you can maximise productivity, control build costs, ensure quality and amplify return on investment.

  • Automate your design process
  • Manage the process from concept to Build Pack
  • Validate the build in real-time through automated fibre testing
  • Access daily progress reports on the fibre network build
  • Validate the quality of the build and ensure all is ready-for-service

Fibre network design automation and productivity

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Automated design tools
  • Online access
  • Integrated design tool from concept to Build Pack
  • Online tuition
  • Extensive reporting tools
  • Automated upload of existing GIS and spreadsheet data
Desktop showing planning map

Improve your PON network design and build process

A integrated solution to manage your process efficiently and minimise costs

Desktop showing planning map

Simple to use with Comprehensive Functionality

Highly flexible, fully customisable and built by experienced Passive Optical Network planners

Desktop showing planning graph

Network planning with integrated monitoring, validation and testing

Design, review, approve and test your fibre network, all in real time

Minimise costs and improve your design & build process


UTEL’s fibre management software suite provides a simple integrated solution for the design and build of fibre optic networks.


Simple to use and fully integrated from design concept, to ready-for-service, it does away with multiple spreadsheets and manual design updates.


Our Installer and Approver system ensures all build tasks are tracked, assessed and documented before they're finalised, saving time and costs.


Integrating with our fibre testing solution, our management suite provides you with real-time validation of the network build and raises network and system alarms, ensuring your network is built right first time.

Our Fibre Management Software Suite is unique

"Our fibre management software suite is truly unique. It enables you to manage and monitor your fibre network design process, from the initial concept right through to installation. It can also integrate seamlessly with our testing system to provide real-time validation of your network, ensuring it’s ready for service. The solution is physically attached to the network, constantly checking that what is being built, is exactly what was planned."

Chris Sharpe, Managing Director

Do you want to:

  • Reduce costs and operational expenses?
  • Monetise your investment faster?
  • Get better financial control?
  • Stop paying for fictitious tests?
  • Automate your design process?
  • Improve productivity?
  • Test your network build?
  • Ensure faster roll out?

Then you need to experience UTEL’s fibre management software suite and see how we can improve your design and build process.